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Use comprehensive, localized market and location data to sell your properties effectively.

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Market data

Daily update of latest property listings and transactions.

Location data

Nearby schools, transportation, shops and restaurants, crime rates and more near your target properties.

Map visualization

Analyze and compare market and location data in map format.

Broad reach

Reach our broad local agency network and ready-to-buy clients when you list with Arical.

Automate your market research

We centralized the latest property listings and transactions from various property platforms. Keep updated with the latest market trends.

Market data

Latest listings

Listings uploaded on public platforms. Currently covering the United Kingdom.

Latest transactions

Transactions in major property markets. Currently covering the United Kingdom.

Auto comparables

We automatically show relevant comparables according to the same bedroom numbers within a 2-mile radius.

Map visualization

Visualize comparables on interactive maps.

Know more on locales

We curated a broad range of location data your clients care about, such as school rankings, transportation and supermarkets. Share these information directly to your clients through unique links.

Locales by travel time


Junior and secondary schools, colleges and universities ranked per listing location.


Nearby bus stops, metro link stations, trams, train stations.

Shops, restaurants, points of interests

Nearby supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, clinics, parks and more.

Crime rates

District crime rates visualized on heatmap.

List on Arical to reach ready-to-buy clients directly

We don’t wait around for your property to be ‘discovered’ by potential agents and buyers. Every one of your listing is shown to ready-to-buy clients and investors through our extensive agency network. You can rest assured the quality of your buyers will exceed your expectations.

Reach ready-to-buy clients

Ready-to-buy clients

Reach existing qualified clients ready to relocate or invest overseas with your listings.

Extensive agency network

Arical is supported by trusted local and overseas agency partners including Cosmo Real Estate, with ground floor retail offices for ease of client access.

Verifiable listings

Actual listings can be verified on-site by surveyors.

Trusted local relationships

Our agency partners have established long-term relationships with clients and home owners alike.

GeoAI technology

Arical utilizes unique geospatial artificial intelligence technology and advanced computational algorithms for processing property and location data such that they will contribute to helping you determine the suitability of the property for client requirements.

GeoAI features

Automated database updates

We constantly receive and organize data from our provider partners to provide you with the latest market and location intelligence.

Walking time visualizations

We automate the retrieval of hyperlocal comparables and location data with an automated traversal algorithm that calculates the walking time along street routes, NOT just estimated by a circular radial distance.

Trending Indicators

For retail and F&B sectors, trends from social media and foot traffic provided by our partners prove useful for their business strategy and decision-making.

Predictive Capabilities

We build on transdisciplinary data to achieve predictive capabilities for specific use cases such as for feasibility studies in property development, retail and F&B sectors.

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